D.school collaborative reflection

If you haven’t noticed yet, this weeks blog format is a bit different than my regular blog posts. I decided to do an audio reflection with my fellow cohort member and sister, Catherine,  using the StoryCorps app, I hope you enjoy!

Just a bit of a preface:

2 weeks ago was the interim week for my school, MVPS. During this week, the iD program went to the graduate school at Stanford called the d.school where we designed for building friendship and establishing community on the Stanford campus. https://storycorps.me/interviews/collaborative-interim-reflection/


One thought on “D.school collaborative reflection

  1. Philip,

    Thanks for sharing the interview that you and Catherine created to co-reflect on your d.School experience with iDiploma. Having participated in StoryCorps myself, the medium is particularly meaningful to me, and I am glad that you and Catherine have used the app to upload a reflective conversation between yourselves. The interview possessed a nice tone, rhythm and flow. And the main points of your reflection were interesting and insightful.

    I appreciated learning how the d.School experience helped you find a more confident voice in leadership, especially as that act of leadership applies to various moments working with the group. The connection between the movement exercise and the empowerment you felt to take the lead during the week provided a compelling link in your activities at Stanford. And I enjoyed hearing that this new found confidence is now having positive impact in your work with the ReSpIn group now that we are returned to Atlanta.

    Mr. A


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